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There are several types of kinesis where you can manipulate the elements.  They are as follows: Pyrokinesis, Geokinesis, Electrokinesis, Aquakinesis, Ferrumkinesis, Botankinesis, Lunarkinesis, and Holykinesis(i guess thats what you would call holy manipulation).

Fire Techniques/ Pyrokinesis
 Fire Ball
To do the fire ball, make a ki ball and then visualise the ki ball acting like fire, visualise it becoming fire. Do this until you feel heat and it turns red.
Fire Blast
To do the fire blast, make a Fire Ball in the hand you are going to blast with, then thrust your hand forward just like ki blast and yell with hatred and anger.
Visualising it going through the opponent.
Fire Wave
To do the Fire Wave, make a fire ball. Then thrust both hands forward and keep yelling, visualising it going thru the opponent until you can't yell anymore. If you catch your opponent by surprise it will knock the breath out of them once you are done.
Fire Punch
To do fire punch, power up using the Kaio Ken or some other flaming power up. Then move all of the body's heat into your hand you are going to punch with,  or you could make a fire ball and then clench your fist, making the fire energy move around your fist. Then punch with desired strength and yell, visualising it burning on impact.
Flame Kamehameha
To do the flame Kamehameha, (see the Beginner's Techs section), do as you would normally do a kamehameha wave except when you are charging it, visualise the kamehameha as a superheated flame.
Earth Techniques/Geokinesis
Spirit Enhancer/The Earth Power Up -
To do the spirit enhancer, lift your palms up toward heaven and then picture your aura going up with the sky, and with the earth's powerful aura. You are one with the earth. This is an excellent alternative to grounding.
Spirit Bomb
To do the spirit bomb, do the spirit enhancer and move all the energy into your hands. Then throw it with either one hand or both hands.
Earth Ball
To do an earth ball, bend down and place your hand over some soil. Absorb ki from the soil by picturing the energy going into your hands. Then stand up and make a ki ball.

Earth is not really an attacking element so I have found this to be a difficult tech that is not always guranteed to work. I have found blasting it to be even more difficult. So until I find a better way to make an "Earth Blast", I will not post it.
Aero Techniques/ Electrokinesis

Aero Ball
To make an aero ball, first gather energy from the air around your hands by visualising it going into your hands. Then use this energy to make a ki ball.
Lightning Ball
To make a lightning ball, simply make an aero ball and then visualise it behaving like electricity, making it swirl around in spirals.
Wind Blast
This energy blast by far will have more physical effect than any other element. Make a wind or lightning ball and then perform a ki blast, and yell, visualising it again, going through the opponent.
Lightning Driller
Make a lightning ball in each hand and then once you have gathered enough energy thrust both hands forward and keep yelling, visualising a beam of lightning constantly drilling through your opponent like an electric screwdriver. 
Lightning Driller
This is basically a more advanced version of the Electric driller tech Chrono posted (see Advanced Ki Techs section).
Aura Flash
To do the aura flash, do a ki power up (mentioned in powering up section), except visualise the aura going around you like electricity and wind instead of a flame. This is a basic electrokinesis power up and will staticly charge anything within your aura for as long as you yell and keep putting out energy.
Static Shock
To do the static shock, do the aura flash power up. Then make a lightning ball and charge all the energy into your index and middle fingers. Once you have done that dig your fingers into the opponent's skin and press hard for a painful electrical discharge.
Water Techniques/ Aquakinesis

Water Ball
To store water energy in the body, simply find a large body of water, large enough to submerge your body up to your shoulders. Then draw in energy from the water, by visualising the water's energy going into your hands. Then make a ki ball using this energy.
Note: If you cannot find a large body of water, then you will have to use the body's supply of water. I will post this but this is dangerous!
Ok, your blood has water in it, right? Visualise the water in your blood separating from it and going into your hands. Make a ki ball with this energy.
Aqua Healing
To heal minor spiritual wounds dealt by ki, first gently place your hand on the person's stomach. Visualise your water energy going into their wounds and filling them up, then becoming part of their energy. The person should then feel their stomach "filling up". Do this until they say it is full.
Ice Ball
To make an ice ball, simply make a water ball and then visualise it becoming hard, dense, solidyfying and cold.
Note: Water cannot harm your opponent. Only water in ice form can!
Ice Blast
To do an ice blast, make an ice ball in one hand and then perform a ki blast.
Metal Technniques/ Ferrumkinesis

Metal Palm Strike -  

Power up to your max and then charge energy in your fist just like a ki punch (see beginner's techs.) After charging the energy in your palm, then you thrust your hand palm facing forward like a punch except by using the palm and not
the knuckles. Dont forget to yell.
Small Knuckle Strike -
This tech is quick, and hits your opponent hard and fast. Charge energy in your index and middle fingers. Then thrust your hand forward with the middle knuckles of your index and middle fingers forward like the cobra bite, except you are not going to rip flesh are going to mash it in! And dont forget to yell.
Metal/Jing Power Up
To do this power up, perform a ki power up (See powering up section.) Then flex your muscles hard (the muscles you want hardened) and let the ki flow through them, visualising it hardening them. This is really a defensive move then anything else. After powering up, keep your muscles flexed to endure strong hits. Keep the thought in the back of your mind that you are like metal; nothing can penetrate you.

Plant Techniques/ Botankinesis
Super Grounding -
To do super grounding, stand straight up and hold your arms with your palms facing down, cupped, then visualise huge roots coming from your arms and legs going into the ground, covering a huge area. This prevents burnout most of the time.
Immovable Stance -
To do this advanced balancing technique, simply look at a huge tree and visualise you holding on to it and not letting go. This is for use when your opponent is trying to knock you down with grappling techniques. Then stare at your opponent, while still visualising holding on to the tree. He or she will have a hard time taking you down.
Gather Energy from Tree
This technique is supposed to be used just for fun. Place your hand gently on a big tree and visualise its energy going into your body. It may make you feel a little funny at first but if done correctly it can give you some spiritual energy.
Dark Techniques/ Lunarkinesis

Dark Ball
To do the dark ball, make a ki ball in a dark room, and absorb chi from the darkness by visualising the darkness going into your hands. Make a ball with the dark energy. Sometimes it may light up and turn red, other times it will be somewhat like a "black light".
Dark Fist
To do the dark fist, make a dark ball and then move it into your dominant hand. Squeeze the dark ball by clenching your fist, then visualise it going around your fist. Try punching someone with this tech. It can really mess up the chakras!
Stealing Energy
To steal energy from someone, first place your hand in a dead tight grip on a part of their body, then visualise the negative darkness energy within you pulling out the positive energy within them.
Dark Pyramid
To do the dark pyramid, make a dark ball, then visualise it becoming into a 3D triangle, then visualise it rotating. If you charge this enough it will change colors from black, to grey to gold. Try experimenting with can also open up the 3d triangle.
Darkness Flash
To do the darkness flash, make a dark ball. Then split the dark ball equally into each hand. Hold your arms back as far as they will go and make the dark balls more dense. Then slowly bring them back together by making a super ki ball (see beginner's techs section.) Then cup your hands like a Kamehameha except do this sideways. Fire it in a continuous blast by yelling  continuously, visualising it going through the opponent.
Faith Techniques/ Holykinesis
First of all, to be able to perform these techniques, you must know in your heart you are using them for the right thing. Holy energy is white. Not grey, not bright yellow, but white. I am asked how to use this energy quite often, since people have troubles using it. If you do have troubles using it, then this means your heart is full of intentions to either glorify yourself and not help others, or it could mean you are not looking for the right source of Holy energy.
We will now discuss where this power comes from and how to use it.
Holy and Righteousness is always discribed as light. Holy is energy of many things: Color, light, righteousness, and faith. All these things come from holy.
But where does holy come from? and how do you use it?
Here is the answer to the first question: God. He created the entire universe, including chi/ki, psi, mana (not to be confused with manna,) and jing.
Here is how to use holy.

Clearing the conscience
To use holy at all you must have a clear conscience. Every time you do evil or break one of the Ten Commandments, you get a burdened conscience. With a burdened conscience you have no hope of using holy.
Here is how to clear the conscience. Go to a quiet place by yourself and get on your knees, letting go of all pride. Admit to the Lord you have broken one of his laws, that you have "sinned." Focus all your attention on the Lord to tell him this, and to do this fold your hands and close your eyes. Closing your eyes enables your spirit to contact God, because this is the only way you can contact him. If this is your first time praying to God, then you must ask his Son Jesus to come into your heart. Jesus died for teaching the ways of His Father, God. He died for our sins. And if you accept Him he will give you the powers of Holy as long as you pledge loyalty to His Father, God. To end every prayer you must always say "In Jesus' name we pray, Amen." This is the ultimate phrase that allows God to recognize you are talking to Him.
Holy Sword
To do Holy Sword you must have said the prayer and believed that God has forgiven you, and empowered you through Jesus. You must also have a sword or an iron rod. Then pray, do this while holding the sword up to the sky. Pray to God for strength. Ask Him to give you strength and to empower you to do your training, or to help you in a fight. Then visualise a white aura coming from the dan tien and picture it going around your body and up into the sword; if you want you can ask God to tell you the right time to strike. When He tells you your heart will know, swing as soon as He tells you and believe that you will take down your target in one powerful swing, then swing and yell when the time is right. It will not work unless you have faith in God to strengthen your chi and your strength.
Holy Power Up
To do a Holy power up simply power up using holy and any other element except darkness. You must say the prayer above to be able to do this.
Holy Rapid Swing
To do the rapid swing, ask God to give you speed. Then power up using holy power up. After that swing the rod/sword back and forth over and over until target breaks/slices in half.
Faith Strengthen
To use holy you must also have enough faith in God, because the faith is how God empowers us. To do this simply believe with all your mind, body and spirit that God will help you do whatever it is that is right.
It says in Matthew that whoever has enough faith can move mountains. Although the only human that had faith as this was Jesus. It is possible that a human can achieve this power if filled with Holy.

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