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Begginer Ki Techniques
This is the beginners page.  I stayed on these techs for 4 months. I suggest you stay on these for a minimum of 3 months, dont get all cocky because you can make a ki ball and start doing advanced techs, because you WILL get hurt. 

Attacking with your ki
You can use your ki to attack two ways.  You can charge your punches and kicks with ki and you can use your ki in blasts and such.
Remember, Ki Blasts do NOT cause physical wounds, they cause spiritual ones.  Also the closer to your target you are when you do one, the stronger it is.  If you are too far, it will begin to "demeterialize" in a way and will get weaker.   Ki punches and kicks hurt a lot more than normal punches and kicks if done correctly. 

The Ki Ball

First, cup your hands, like you are holding a ball or something round.  Then, imagine your Dan Tien (the chakra about 3 inches below your navel) as a glowing ball.  I imagined my ki as a light blue when i began.  Imagine a beam of ki moving from your Dan Tien up your arms and into your torso. Visualize it splitting into two beams and moving down your arms.  When it gets down to your hand, imagine them swirling from your palms into balls.  If you feel heat, tingling, coldness, or other extremely abnormal feelings in your palms, then congratulations you have made a ki ball. Do this technique untill you can almost instantly make one.  Its a good tech for starters and will build up your power and will allow you to make ki blasts and other techniques faster and stronger.


Stand at a ready position or a fighting stance if you would rather.  Imagine roots coming out of the ground and attaching to you.  Visualize ki flowing from the roots and moving into your dan tien. 

Power Up

Take in energy from any source.  I use my element.  Move that energy throughout your entire body.  Cross your hands in an X shape while charging. Once you charge enough, bring your hands up high and thrust them downwards, yelling.  This pushes your ki outwards.  Have the energy get bigger and make it into a flame around your aura, and keep the flame going.






I have completed the beginner techs! 

ki is fun..
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