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Genetic Reprogramming/ Biokinesis

Biokinesis means gene control.  This sought-after trait is the ability to use kinesis to control the genes inside your body. Mastering biokinesis would probably mean that you could genetically reprogram your body.  However, as I am not experienced at all with this, I couldn't tell you.  After researching some and bowworing ideas off of a few people, I came up with a theory on Biokinesis...

If one could genetically reprogram themselves, it would be possible for one to become immortal.  Nothing would be stand in your way.  So for example, if you could reprogram your legs, you could have stronger legs, and consequently you could run faster and kick harder and whatnot.  And if you could reprogram your eyes, you could see better and farther. An added benefit to reprogramming the eyes is you could see motions so fast that aren't normally possible for human eyes to register.  There would be much more involved to become immortal.  To put it simply you would have to change your entire body, or evolve.
To reprogram your eyes, it would take several months alone.  if you were to reprogram your entire body it would take years.  you would have to evolve your eyes, muscles, epedermic and respiratory systems, all your vulnerable points and many other things to their absolute full potential and, dare i say it...beyond.  Those of you who bothered to read down here are looking for the same thing as I i'd bet, you wish to become indestructable, untuchable, isn't that right?
Heres the other perk of genetic reprogramming.  Why do old people die?  Because they are old and their systems are shutting down due to damaged and dying cells.  If you could constantly revive your dying cells, would that keep you young and would that give you eternal youth?  And if you stayed young, could you die of age? As impossible as it seems, the answer is no, you would never die.  I am speaking of immortality.  Immortality can be achieved through Biokinesis, but it has never been done before, and this is where the skeptics take over and kill dreams by telling people it can never happen and people are too stupid to think for themselves. 
I still need to find out how to do biokinesis so bear with me.

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