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Intermediate techniques should be done for 2 to 3 months.  It may be a little while until I get any Advanced techniques because I am currently still on intermediate techniques.  I should have all my intermediate techs and some advanced techs up on the site in a month or so.

Ki Blast
  First make a ki ball.  Move ki into it for as long as you can.  Thrust your hands forward and yell. Push the ki out of your hands. Visualize the ki ball exploding from your hand into a column of light.  NOTE: The Ki Blast is completely useless in a fight, so do not use it in one. Also, the ki blast is meant to be used as an excercise, not to kill/harm others (as is you could anyways).
Emotional Power Up
take the emotion that makes you feel good(love, anger, happiness) then think of all the things that give you that emotion.  then power up using those emotions. 
Ki Power Up
First get your blood pumping.  Visualize that your aura is getting bigger.  Clench your fists and yell hard and your ki will be pushed out.  Ground while doing this.

Intermediate Section under construction

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