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This is the mana page. Thank you to Pip for this information on Pip, he did it all.



Mana is energy created from plants. It has multiple used for example you can add some extra Ki to yourself or use it for Magick. Here are some techniques on Mana.

Constructing a basic Mana ball:

First find a nice size tree and make sure you can reach the branches. Now place your hands around the trees branch as if making a Ki ball. Now ask in your mind if you may use that trees Mana. Now to see if it will agree begin to visualize small particles of light emrging from the branch and making a ball between your hands. If the tree agreed you will begin to feel a presence in your hands.

Advanced Mana Ball:

Ok now for a long ranged one. First place your hands infront of you as if making a Ki.  Ball. Now again ask that question in your mind again and begin visualizing the mana flowing into a ball between your hands from all the trees around you.

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