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Introduction to Ki

Please read this newbies!  Ki is not what you think it is.  If you came here to see how to kill someone you hate with ki, please leave.  Ki will not make you a Z warrior.  You will never blast a hole in a wall with a ki blast.  You will NOT be Vegeta  or Son Goku!  Ki is very cool and all that but realize that it aint happening!  Also if you came here to poke fun at me or anyone else or ki in general, leave.  I dont want to hear it, and I'm sick to death of all of you fools...
There are three types of ki (below) and they will be briefly explained.

Traditional Ki
Traditional Ki is probably the most widely used form of Ki nowadays. I do not know a whole lot about it except that it takes much more time and patience than radical Ki.  It is also affiliated with Tai Chi I believe.

Radical Ki
Many people do this style of ki as well.  This site is mainly based around radical ki.  The people we call DBZers can be mistaken for people who practice radical ki but heres the big difference:  DBZers think they can do a kamehameha.  If you think that this or any other technique like that(Final Flash, Big Bang, Gyarriku-Ho, Etc.) then please leave because you won't find things like that here.  Instead of the slow and fluent breathing techniques used in Trad. Ki, normalbasic breathing techniques are used.  This tends to be shorter, but if the techniques aren't that good it can take even longer than Traditional Ki. It tends to be weaker than traditional ki, but can be just as strong or even stronger.

Eccentric Ki
This is a mix of Traditional and Radical Ki.  You get the best of both forms in this way.  the difficulty of this form of ki can vary but under normal circumstances is not overly difficult. 

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