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this site is dedicated to DRAGONBALL Z

The Basic DBZ storyline:


Number of episodes: 153
Dates first aired in Japan: Feb 1986-April 1989
Main Characters: Goku, Bulma, Olong, Krillin, Yamcha, Puar and Master Roshi

    This is where it all begins. The story starts with Goku at 12 when he first meets Bulma and is introduced to the legend of the Dragonballs: who ever gets all seven Dragonballs will have their wish granted by Shenron, the Dragon who resides within the balls. As Goku goes along his adventure he meets other characters such as Master Roshi, Krillin and others.


There are 3 sagas in this series:

  • The Palif saga
  • The Red Ribbon saga
  • Piccolo Daiomo (the demon) saga


There are 4 movies in this series:

  • The Legend of the Magic Dragon (Shenron no Himitsu) 12/86
  • The sleeping princess of the demon castle (Majinjou no Nimmuri Hemie) 7/87
  • The mysterious MAKA adventure (MAKA fushigi Diaboken) 7/88
  • Dragonball 10th anniversary special (a remake of the Dragonball series with the introduction and the battle against the Red ribbon army) ?/??


Number of episodes: 291
Dates first aired in Japan: April 1989-Feb 1996
Main Characters: Goku, Vegita, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tein-Shinhan

    Part 2 of the Dragonball madness, this story starts when Goku is an adult and introduces him to his Saiyan origin.  The main theme of Dragonball Z is fighting although it still retains aspects of the humor and adventure from the previous Dragonball series. Characters develop as they grow, mature, and some even have children! Many of Goku's former enemies become his friend they band together to fight greater evils along the way.


There are 4 main sagas in this series:

  • The Saiyan saga: Introduces Goku to his true origin
  • The Freeza saga
  • The Android saga: The return of the red ribbon through the form of Dr. Gero
  • The Buu saga


There are 2 specials in this series:

  • The lonely final battle (Tata Hitori no saishuu kessen). The story of Bardock and the destruction of the Saiyan planet. 10/17/90
  • The ultimate surviving fighters: Gohan and Trunks! (Nokosareta chou senshi. Gohan to Trunks). The story of Trunks alternate future. 2/24/93


Twice a year in Japan there would be a animation fair that had many diffent anime movies. There would be a new Dragonball movie at each fair.  Here are 13 movies in this series:

  • Dragonball Z movie 1 7/89
  • Movie 2: The worlds number one fighter (Kono yo de Ichiban tsuyoi yatsu) 3/90
  • Movie 3: Earth's Ultimate Battle (Chikuu Marugoto Chokessen) Called here the tree of might, introduces another Saiyan survivor Taurus. 7/90
  • Movie 4: Super Saiyan Son Goku!! (Supa Saiya-jin Son Gokuh da) 3/91
  • Movie 5: Ultimate strength vs.  ultimate strength: The fantastic battle! (Tobikkiri no Saikyou tai Saikyou) Cooler comes looking for the guy who defeats his brother Freeza. 7/91
  • Movie 6: Crash the 10 billion power fighters! (Gekitotsu! 100 Oku Pawa no senshi tachi) Cooler makes another appearance as a cyborg. 3/92
  • Movie 7: The battle limit! Three Super Saiyans! (Kyokugen Batoru!! Sandia Supa Saiya-jin) Shows the story of three different androids created by Dr. Gero: 13, 14, and 15. 7/91
  • Movie 8: Burn your spirits to the max! The close, violent, super bloody battle! (Moetsukiro! Nessen, ressen, chou gekisen) Introduces the high powered 'Legendary" Super Saiyan Brolli. 3/93
  • Movie 9: The most incredible guy in the universe! (Ginga Girigiri! Butchi giri no sugoi yatsu) Bojack comes to take over earth.  7/93
  • Movie 10: The dangerous pair! The super fighter cannot sleep! (Kikenna Futari! Supa Senshi wa nemurenai) Brolli somehow survived and comes looking for Goku. 3/94
  • Movie 11: Super fighter shootout! I will be the winner! (supa senshi gekiha! Katsu no ore da) Brolli cloned! 7/94
  • Movie 12: The fusion of Goku and Vegita!! (Fukkatsu no fushion! Gokuh to Vegita) 3/95
  • Movie 13: Dragon fist explosion, If Goku can't do it no one can! (Ryuken bakuhatsu! Gokuh ga Yaraneba dare ga Yaru) 7/95


Number of episodes: 64
Date first aired in Japan: Feb 1996-Feb 1997
Main Characters: Goku, Pan, Trunks

After the Buu saga ended in Dragonball Z, Toriyama wanted to end the series and start on another project. However Toei, the animation company wanted to continue the Dragonball series. Hence without Dragonball's main man, they developed a new series called Dragonball GT "Grand Tour." The story focuses on Goku, Pan and Trunks as they travel the galaxy in search of the universal black star Dragonballs. When the series started, it went back to a similar environment like Dragonball with humor and simplicity in mind. That proved un popular among fans. As such they went back to the old "beat or be beat"  type of series fans so much adored.


There are 3 sagas in this series:

  • The Babi saga
  • Super Android 17 saga ( Red Ribbon never dies!).
  • The evil Shenron saga (evil Dragonball dragon saga) 


There is 1 special in this series:

  • Goku's great, great grandson, Goku Jr. 3/97


In the first volume of Dragon Ball Z, Goku discovers that his Saiyan enemy Raditz is really his brother! Goku must rescue his son, Gohan, from Raditz. But the adventure turns fatal, and with Goku in the afterlife, Goku's former arch-enemy, Piccolo, must begin training Gohan to follow in his father's footsteps.

Dragon Ball Z: Volume 1

Here is the second volume of the runaway hit series printed in the original Japanese right-to-left format. For training, Piccolo sends Gohan into the wilderness to undergo some incredible changes. Meanwhile, Bulma converts Raditz's power-detector to work in English, and Goku meets the most powerful martial artist in the afterlife.

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 2

Here is the third volume of the runaway hit series printed in the original Japanese right-to-left format. Goku has grown up, and years of training have made him one of earth's greatest warriors. But he and his friends face their biggest test ever when Saiyan invaders Nappa and Vegeta arrive to destroy the planet!

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 3

As the cosmic battle between Goku and Vegeta continues, Goku is forced to use the dangerous Kaio-ken technique. But Vegeta reappears, changing himself into a 50-foot ape with superpowers, including energy strong enough to explode mountains.

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 4

Using the ancient Namek spaceship, Bulma, Gohan, and Kuririn set off to Planet Namek. But upon landing on the original world of the Dragon Balls, their jubilation is short-lived: Vegeta arrives minutes later. Worse still, Emperor Freezer has already invaded!

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 5

format. Gohan intervenes to save a Namek child from Freeza's henchmen, putting himself and Kuririn in danger as they fend off Dodoria's attack. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Freeza are in a stalemate, each having just a few of the Namekian Dragon Balls. Can Namek be saved in the confusion?

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 6

The Great Elder of Namek grants Kuririn the One-Star Dragon Ball and the incredible power that goes with it. Meanwhile, Vegeta breaks free of Freeza's spaceship and races across the planet in search of the same Dragon Ball, the one that will make him immortal.

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 7

After killing Zarbon and Dodoria and nearly killing Goku, Vegeta thinks he's the strongest in the universe. But Reacoom, the Ginyu Force's indestructible muscleman, can stand up to anything Vegeta can dish out. Soon Gohan and Kuririn step in to save their old enemy.

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 8

The Ginyu Force is on the run as Captain Ginyu and Jheese face off against Vegeta, Kuririn, Gohan, and Goku. But this crafty alien isn't licked yet, and may have a trick or two left up his sleeve.

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 9

As Freeza morphs into his third and fourth forms - each more powerful than the last - the desperate heroes Gohan, Kuririn, Piccolo, and the self-serving Vegeta find themselves at the brink of annihilation.

Dragon Ball Z, Volume 10


Dragon Ball Z, Volume 11


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