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This section contains more obscure or miscellaneous ki techniques.  some are cool and some are a little wierd.  Worth a look!

The Ki Cannon (Yin-Yang Cannon): By Ki Cannon

1.Summon all of your positive chi into your right hand                               

2.Summon all your negative chi into your left hand

3. Slam your hands together and at the same time yell and integrate the two chi types

4.There you have it. Dont kill anyone with this :)


The Mega Blast Beam:  By Ki Cannon

1. Stick your right hand out straight

2. Summon every bit of chi into your hand

3. Use the super jump technique and point your hand downward to your target

4. clamp your left hand at your right elbow

5. Yell really hard (say Mega Blast Beam if you like for effect) and push your arm towards the target

Shotgun (Rei Beam) : By Lujacris

1. Power up

2.Make a fist and form a ki ball inside the closed fist

3.form a clamp at the shoulder and wrist of the hand and arm you are using

4.fill the entire arm with ki

5. Release the energy into the fist and form a Ki Ball around the

6.Have rays shoot off the Ki Ball inside your hands (you know,
    just to be fancy).

7.if u want it to keep going Just keep on having the energy flow through your arm into
    the fist and shooting off.







Eclipse Cannon:
Submitted by Ben Harbaugh
To do the eclipse cannon, open up all your chakras and release the energy into your hands. Then power up and release more energy into your hands.
Be sure to ground if you haven't already or it will immediately cause burnout.
Then fire it like a Kamehameha.
Submitted by Kyle Worley
When ever you run out of energy in a battle just think of and feel energy coming from your body then bring it out might seem simular to a power up but its kinda different.
Kaio Ken
Submitted by Eric aka Gohan aka Brolli
This is how to do KaioKen. Take in Ki and power up to your maximum power, use an advanced power up if you wish. Imagine your aura flaring up high into the air and the color of it white. Say Kaioken x 2 or what ever you wish to take it up to. Imagine your power soaring higher than ever, your aura turning red and your muscles getting bigger than normal. You can feel your power and muscles getting stronger and stronger by the second. This is the Kaioken technique.
Mana Beam
Submitted by Jordan
AIM sign in:
To do the "Mana Beam" as I call it, firstly, power up, if you feel the need to, secondly, picture rings of ki flowing around your arms, legs, torso, neck, above your head, etc, then picture them spinning VERY rapidly creating energy between one and other, now, send all the created energy, in to your hands (which should be cupped out in front of you, as in the launching part of Goku's kamehameha technique) form a ball there. After forming that ball, picture a ki ring floating out in front of your cupped hands, so your hands face through the center of the ring, picture that ring spinning rapidly and sending ki, chi, qi, psi, energy, whatever you wish to call it, to your orb. Then lastly, if you've sustained your power up, send all of the ki gained in to that orb. Then send all of those rings to the orb as well, and whatever energy is left in your dan tien( Tan tien, Hara, etc), use to connect to that orb, directly from your dan tien.. now, use your will power to send the beam out, using your energy that is left to launch it, surround your opponent with it, then implode it upon them ( implode means to push in, then explode...or that is how i do it.) then as the rest of the beam hits, just picture it surrounding, and burning, your opponent (picture it hitting the charka other words, make images in your mind of the charkas, and third eye areas, also the dan tien... this will make the impact more intense), Continue launching the beam until all energy is completely gone. Note: THIS MOVE IS USED AS A FINISHER ONLY. Since you will be out of energy at the end of this technique, only use it as a finisher, or if facing multiple opponents.
Restore Lost Ki
submitted by Ryan
First sit and lean on the floor so you back is very straight.  Now take your right foot and place it on top of you left knee cap or thigh.  Now take your right hand and place it in the palm of your left hand so the middle joints of your fingers are touching, then take your thumbs touch so you have an oval now place it on your lap. This is meditation position.  Now imagine your aura all around you summoning Ki from everything that has Ki.  Now imagine little balls of Ki filling your room.  Now have your aura summon them, have them group together but not touching each other.  Then have a come to you like a small stream through your oval which you made with your hands and into your dan tien but, since it has so much pure energy you must imagine it going through you oval and into your Dan tien very fast and with a lot of power.  Do this until all the energy is in your Dan tien.
Jeet Mune Do
Submitted by Jacob
The being of ki is running through your body as a
fluid of pure energy. As you move, it is circulated more and more.  Use this to your advantage.  Start by the skill hase bi kal (basically
a ki flame).  After you are at your known limit, move your body in
smooth non stop motions.  Move your arms in circles around your body,
this will increase your agility for the short period you have to
preform this. As your arms begin to get warm, move them faster,
begin to move your arms still smooth, still fast, but with tighter biceps and triceps. 
This will increase the blood flow to your upper body. After you begin to feel fatigue, you must then (power down) to the lowest you can go. This is where this technique gets tricky.  You must use your body movements to increase your ki while still powering down. 
This will create a tention between contol, and natural instinct. Now as you break a slight sweat, contain your energy, while still powering
nuetral.  The physical body is tired but you are near finish. 
Close your eyes and picture yourself in a pure coating
of ki, further tightening and tightening your body, now use your physical body to force out, at the last second do your (ki flame) and
powerup to your hyflasi (maximum capasity of both physical and mental ki) hold this position until your hair on your arms stand on end, and your eyes will burn, the adreneline is now going to your major sensing areas, this will cause you to possible black out for a second. Now, the most  imoportant part comes in, close your eyes again and imagine being covered in a burning ball of white inferno, after you feel a change take place in your face and arms, you should stop, and
slowly do a cool down tech to complete the process.  The ki in your body will take a while to settle, try not to preform any stamina depleating abilities within the next three hours.  Thus concludes the ability of jeet mune do.
Crusher Cannon
The Crusher Cannon is a lethal attack I Rarely use.First of all if you can fuse energies you'll need to fuse Mana,Jing and Ki in one ball...if it worked succesfully you'll have a black or purple ball of energy in your hands(use the third eye to see this...duh...)After that concentrate the energy into a diamond shape and make it move out of your hands...after that make is larger until it's about three feet long and two feet wide...finally make it hover above your right or left hand and then pitch it as hard at you can..if you did alla that right it SHOULD and i say SHOULD turn into a beam of black or purple energy and when it hits the target wther it be human or otherwise will glow purple or fade to black for up to a minute...the attack can do heavy damage to the soul and the target's energy...the attack can also backfire and hit you if you arent experienced enough with energy.
Dark Beam

Submitted by: Dark Warrior

I have an attack called the Dark Beam

you do the attack by focusing all your negative energy to your pointing finger and point like a gun and shoot the beam through the person your fighting

Fear Ball

Submitted by: Mike Choi

Gather all the thoughts of your fears and anger into a ki ball and shoot it at an opponent or shoot it at the air to just relieve yourself of the anger, shooting it at an opponent should make them feel your pain or fears and what not.

Instill slowness:
Submitted by ~osmicow
  When in battle you can use ki to slow your opponent. To do this simply overlay the opponent with ki programmed to slow the combatant. Try to have well focused ki around your opponent's joints. If they have a sheild you can overlay the ki over the shield and it should have the same effect; however, if they have a mirror shield the effect may reflect back.
Holy Healing
submitted by Joel Bell
>#1: Focus on all the bad energy in your patients body, like pain and evil.
> I visualize like this: Black-evil energy; Red-pain energy; White-Holy
>energy. This is how you do it: Visualize all of the evil energy in the
>patients body first, because this is a cause of some of the pain he/she is
>feeling. Then visualize all of that black-evil energy gathering above the
>patient and forming a ball and then throw it away or give it to God. Do
>this one or more times untill you feel it is enough. Then visualize all of
>the red-pain energy that was caused by the presence of the evil you got rid
>of and by minor injuries. Do the same thing with this energy as you did
>with the evil energy. Then focus on God and ask for the use of his healing
>powers to the highest extent of your faith, in Jesus' name Amen!! Then
>visualize a gigantic stream of holy energy shooting down from Heaven and
>going through every part of the patients body at once and disintigrating
>all of the bad and stale energy left over in the body and when it is all
>gone keep going and this time visualize the patients body filling up and
>when it is full you can go a step further by visualizing more energy coming
>in and expanding them to a giants proportions and power to match. Then
>when you are done your patient will feel full of more energy than ever
>before and will feel more powerful and have a total absence of the pain
>that he/she felt before. This tech will not leave you drained at all
>because you will have used the energy straight from God's infinite
>reservoir of Holy Energy.
Happa Sentou
submitted by: - Lina Inverse
this move is meant for more then just training it can be used in a real fight i like to call it happa sentou (japanese for exploding power punch it just doesnt sound cool without a japanese name)

you start off by gathering alot of ki into 1 arm and moving all down to your fist build it up there to as strong as you like it then as you extend your arm as a punch right when you make contact visualize all the energy hitting up against the opponent and exploding on impact it will cause your oppenent to feel more force then was really applyed and cause more impact damage causing them to fall to the ground if you like you can try to add an element to the punch (ive only tryed fire) to cause a different affect if done right this attack can even harm an individual even if they werent touched

Shi Shi Hokodan

Submitted by: Pip Kion

To peform a "Shi Shi Hokodan" you must first bring your hands by your sides and open them so the palm is up.Now take Ki from your Dan Tien and bring it up to your heart Chakara and store it there.Now Think of things that get you very angry sad worried etc and imagine the ideas flowing into youy  heart Chakara fusing with all the ki thats stored there already.No bring the Ki into your hands and imagine your hands on fire with black flames.If done properly you should feel a very intense tingling or burning senseation.To use it thrust your hands foward like shooting a kamehameha only this time slant you hands downward.When performed imagine an explosion combusting from your hands with a deep purple or black tint.

Third Eye Beam
Submitted by -JoN SaN JuaN-

the third eye can be used for visualizing someones aura. ki is used to awaken
your third eye and visualize things.
1. To do the 3rd eye beam, you must breathe slowly and deeply. If you want, Use
your own ways of awakening your 3rd eye.
2. Once you've awaken it from your forehead. Visualize your dan-tien flowing
through your forehead. You might feel some ki circulating around your forehead
to your third eye. Charge enough ki that you want into the 3rd eye. You can
charge it up until you feel that its going to burst from pressure but it might
drain a lot of energy from you.
3. Just like shooting a ki ball, now picture a line where you want to aim at
from your 3rd eye. Charge enough for it to shoot into a beam.
This technique will help your 3rd eye skills and better at looking into auras.
It also might be proven better than shooting a ki ball.
Multiform Kamikaze
Submitted by: 

OK first u power up as high as u can then u use NE technique to make a multiform and when u would normally program it to have its own mind or something u just program it to hold on to ur opponent and blow up
-Hell Flash-
submitted by: Justin Tippie

This technique should be done with your feet shoulder width apart, facing the opponent. Charge your forearms with fire energy and power up with what ever suits you. Raise your left hand about a foot in front of your forehead, horizontally. Raise your right hand about a foot away from your stomach, vertically. Make two small, but strong quarters of a reflection sheild infront of each of your hands. Move your hands in a half circle so that your right hand is now over your left. Use the fire energy in your arms and make a large fire ball in that gap between your hands. Make a blocks of ki in both your wrists so that none of the ki escapes. Now, make blocks of ki at your shoulders and program them to only let ki in, not out. Compact ki in your arms, and the blocks should do the rest for you if programmed correctly. Move your hands closer together and compact the fire ball into that smaller space. When your wrists come together, make the two quarters of a sheild become a half. Bring your hands to your side and slowly let the ki out of your arms and move into the center of the fire ball. Now, thrust your hands foreward and explode the the energy in all directions. The half sheild will protect you from the blast, focus it into a beam. and amplify it.

Dodonpa (Derived from the manga series "Dragonball"

Submitted by Lujacris my student

Do Ki Breathing. You do not have to power up but you can if that is what you want. Put the Index Finger of your dominant hand about 1-2 inches in fromt of your Third Eye Chakra. Form a small Ki Ball on the tip of your finger. Then gather in mana on your finger making the Ki Ball expand. Bring the combinations of energy to the ear opposite side of the dominant side of your body(If you are right handed left ear, left handed right ear.Put Psi into the combo and preform Electrokinesis (Electrokinesis is optional) on the finger. Finally, thrust the arm forward and have the ball fly toward the enemy exploding around him/her.

Notes from the creator-You may also want to gather Ki, Psi, and Mana in the arm to produce a beam rather than ball of blasted energies.


These Techniques are visible and aren't all that difficult to do.  Check it out.

Visible Flame Ball
Get a lighter, and then turn it on. Cup your hands around the flame and then absorb a little of the physical flame energy into your hand. You must be close to do this and you cannot do this with an camp fire or fireplace.  After you absorb the fire, use ki to fuel it and keep it there.  Whatever element you are born with decides what color the flame ball will be. Ki Cannon's color was dark red due to the fact that he is both dark and fire
Visible Water Ball
Hold your hands in water (works best when in a bathtub or swimming pool) and instead of absorbing the ki in the water, absorb the actual water the same way you absorb ki. Then make a partially solid ball with the water. If succesful, it should appear as a bluish white ball that is gooey to the touch. You can do with it as you please from here.
Visible Dark Ball
This only works at nighttime. Hold your hands in an extremely dark area and then absorb the darkness into your hands. Form the darkness into a ball and then bring it out into your palm. It should appear as a visible black or red and can't appear in too much light. Try doing this in a very dim-lighted room.
Visible Wind and Lightning Ball
You should all know by now that wind and lightning are the same element. To do this simply take your hands and move them slowly in a windy area, or when it is cloudy. Then hold your hands up in the air and absorb the physical wind above you, letting it fall down on your hands. When they start getting heavy let your hands fall, still holding on to the physical and spiritual energies. You should see in each hand a swirling mass of sparks.




These are techs that I either got from people off of the submit tech page on ki sanctuary (dont worry peeps I gave you all credit)  or I made myself

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