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Funny quotes and ideas

Like the title suggest, its funny quotes

"lifes a bitch.. then u marry one"
"wats the differnce between u and a duck..
 i forget the punch line but ur mothers a whore"
"being single rules all the grls u want and nobody to bitch to u for fuckin wit other grls"
"shes not that hot but id still fuck her"
"green for da money gold for the huny"
"only mess wit the best"
"sex can wait.. masturbate"
"if the porn is gay stay away"
"cuz he got hit like i got hit but he aint fukin breathin"
"i love you like a fat kid loves cake"
"bros b4 hoes"

Dont jump off a 2 story roof into 6 inches of concrete, it hurts like hell
Dont piss off a person wit a lead pipe unless you have one too
Why the fuck is a skater kid automatically popular?
Mr Law is a fag
Marc Field needs to get his ass handed to him
Im going to do it to him
Throwing a crack rock at a cop car is a bad idea in most cases
Pegging kids with a paintball on halloween is fun
Pallotti is Gay
Why do dogs sniff each other's assholes?

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